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Writer's Block: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

If you had to give up swimming, skiing, hiking, or biking for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

I wonder if it's occurred to the person asking this question that some of us have faced this situation for real. It seems to me to come from a place of supreme able-bodied privilege to A) assume that everyone is able - or at least potentially able - to do all these things, and B) that giving them up would be a choice, and not something forced upon one by illness or disability.

Because of my disabilities, I've been medically advised never to attempt skiing, I found it impossible to learn to ride a bike (although not for lack of trying), and I no longer have the ability to hike. The one thing I have left is swimming, which I love, and having to give that up for any reason would be devastating.

ETA: It appears I'm not the only disabled person who thought this question was insensitive.
Idiots deserve to die - Malcolm North St

New Fic: Fathers and Sons 1/3 (Archer/Reed; PG-13)

Title: Fathers and Sons
Author: Surya
Fandom: ST:Ent
Category: Slash
Pairing: Archer/Reed
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6000 words
Archive: Yes to Warp 5 and suryas_fiction
Disclaimer: Enterprise and Star Trek belong to Paramount. No profit was made from the writing or publication of this fan fiction story. No breach of copyright is intended.
Spoilers: Chapter 1 - 1.12 Silent Enemy, Chapter 2 - 1.16 Shuttlepod One, Chapter 3 - 2.03 Minefield.
Summary: Jon discovers he can’t always rely on first impressions, Malcolm learns a few things about his captain, and Trip sees the whole picture.
Betas: Many thanks to the fabulous SueC and ShiShi.

A/N: I originally started writing this story after reading several Archer/Reed stories in which Malcolm’s parents, especially his father, were cast as unloving or even abusive. It isn’t my favourite fanon trope, so this story is part-parody, and part alternative interpretation.

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Fic: Aquaphobia

So I've been away from LJ for a while, mostly hermiting/hiding because of Bad Stuff at Work, which I Don't Want to Talk About.

But on Sunday, for the first time in nearly 2 years, I woke up to find a character in my head telling me a story.

So without further ado ...

Title: Aquaphobia
Author: Surya
Fandom: Enterprise
Category: Gen
Character(s): Reed
Beta: SueC
Disclaimer: Malcolm Reed, Enterprise and Star Trek belong to Paramount. No profit was made from the writing or publication of this fan fiction story. No breach of copyright is intended.

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Friendslist clean-up

I've decided to scale back my Livejournal activities. It's become a huge time-sink, and I want to claw some of that time back to do stuff like swimming and *ahem* writing.

So, to that end, I've rationalised my friendslist to focus on fandom/writing, and real-life friends. Mostly I've removed communities and feeds, but if you're one of the few real people I've de-listed, please don't take it personally. It doesn't mean you've offended me or that I hate you - just that our interests have diverged.
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"Just ask", part 3 (Tate St Ives update)

So, having had no response to my email, I've just phoned Tate St Ives. I was met with an automated menu with EIGHT options, only the last of which offered the opportunity to speak to a real person.

Which took me through to the voicemail of Zara Deverueax, Business Manager, and I'm not even hesitating to name her, because her outgoing message said she was off sick until Tuesday and then cut me off.

I'm not impressed. Not impressed at all.
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"Just ask", part 2: the silent treatment

I'm taking a trip down to St Ives for a few days next week, and one of the things I really want to do is visit the Tate gallery. As with a lot of organisations, they have a web page dedicated to 'accessibility', which mainly focuses on access for people who use wheelchairs and/or who have sensory impairments. As usual, at the bottom of the page, there is an invitation to 'just ask' if you need any further information (and we all know that usually works out SOOOO well):

If you have any access questions please contact us:
Call: +44 (0)1736 796226

As it happens, I do have a few access questions, so on Wednesday I emailed them the following:

Good afternoon
I'm intending to visit Tate St Ives next week (week commencing Monday 28th June), and I have a disability which means I cannot walk far or stand for more than a few minutes.
I have looked at your website and found some of the information there very helpful, but I'm hoping you can provide me with some additional information to help me plan my visit.
1. Please can you provide me with a map or floor plan of the gallery (.pdf would be the best format), or failing that, can you tell me how many floors it has, and how many rooms on each floor?
2. I note from your website that you provide stools for disabled visitors. Unfortunately these will be of little use to me. Are there any areas in the gallery, other than the cafe, where proper seats are provided?
3. I note that the cafe has both a 'lunch menu' and an 'afternoon menu'. Can you tell me the times between which the full lunch menu is available?
4. Depending on the size of the gallery, it may be necessary for me to split my visit over more than one day. Does your normal admission ticket allow me to do this? (Many visitor attractions - e.g the Eden Project and the SS Great Britain - offer this facility when patrons gift aid their ticket price.)
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely

Now, I don't think these are particularly difficult questions, although none of this information is provided on the website, at least as far as I can see. They're the kind of questions any visitor might ask, and I'd expect any member of staff to be able to answer them off the top of their head.

So, four days later, what response have I had?

Nothing. Nada. Sweet Fanny Adams.

So what exactly is the point of telling people to 'just ask' for access information, IF YOU'RE GOING TO IGNORE THEM WHEN THEY DO?

[I was going to phone them this afternoon, even though it's not my preferred method of communication, but unfortunately my Mum called for a chat and I missed my opportunity. I may still do it tomorrow. But I shouldn't have to.]
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(no subject)

This has happened to me a couple of times recently, and it's really annoying.

Have you ever bought something, and been really pleased with it, and you tell someone about it, and they go, "Oh, you didn't buy it from Crap Shop, did you? They're crap. You should've bought it from This Other Shop."

Because I've already bought it. I've paid for it. I'm happy with it. Why do they feel the need to tell me the place I got it from is crap (in their opinion - in both cases I'd used the shop before and had no problems)? It'd be different if I'd asked for advice about where to get it, but I didn't.

I just find it irritating. And kind of rude. Almost as rude as asking how much you paid for it and then saying, "Well you could've got it cheaper at This Other Place."
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mmmm ... sexy

I've been watching ITV's 'Lady Sleuths' weekend, and during an episode of Miss Marple, of all things, I suddenly realised why I find Jack Davenport so sexy.

It's nothing to do with the way he looks (although he is quite easy on the eye, and also ... hairy chest). But he has exactly the kind of voice that gets me hot and bothered. (This used to happen with I guy I worked with, which was ... embarrasing.) Whether he's being trans-Atlantic in FlashForward or Mockney in Marple, the timbre is low and rich and does interesting things to my insides.

I think this gives me an excellent excuse to track down copies of This Life, Coupling and Ultraviolet. Although nothing in the world could induce me to sit through Pirates of the Carribbean for a second time (nor it's sequels for the first). Kiera Knighley's insipidness is so powerful it entirely overrides the sexiness of both Johnny Depp and Jack Davenport.